What The Best Dating Site Does Right

by daiden97

Many sites claim to be “the BEST dating site!!” but they don’t live up to their promises. Here are my experiences with a site that I think actually deserves the title of Best Dating Sites , what it does right, and why other dating sites would do well to follow it’s model.

I’d joined up with several sites before I found Hook-Up and it was a stark contrast for me, in terms of success: I had more top-quality dates with girls I found on Hook-Up in just 2 months, than I had had in 2 years on all the other sites combined. I’m an average looking guy, nothing special but not too shabby either. If I can score, so can you.. but where you look can make a whole world of difference.
The big difference is in how much Hook-Up encourages you to engage with other people in a fun, and casual way. It takes off a huge amount of pressure, and everyone is more relaxed. Compare this with a traditional dating site which emphasizes “commitment”, “responsibility” and a whole host of other heavy words which are like bromide to two people who are still feeling out if, and how much, they like each other. Dating SHOULD be fun, and the best dating sites will present dating this way, and not as the sole way to happiness. In this day and age there is more to life, and happiness than attaching to someone for life, and so dating has evolved into a more relaxed and social activity.
A busy and non-committal atmosphere helps Hook-Up stand out as one of the best dating sites, if you dont click with someone it’s no biggie, there will always be plenty of people looking for the same thing as you. To be blunt, there are just as many girls looking for no strings fun, as guys.. at least to start with, and that is a great way to get to know someone.
The profiles don’t read like a shopping list for a mate, they speak more about that person and what they have to offer… the best dating sites again, follow this method of honing self-presentation, and it works. If you approach other people confident in yourself, you will not fail to get a date.. again and again and again! Remember, no one wants to feel like they have to meet your standards. Show them what you have to offer and where you shine, and you will naturally draw the dates you want, and the right people to you.